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Tree Removal In Northern, CO

If you have a damaged or dead tree on your property, you need to act fast to prevent it from becoming an even bigger problem. At Rocky Mountain Tree Service, we provide emergency tree removal services in Loveland, Fort Collins, & Northern CO. We understand the urgency of the situation and are available 24 hours a day to assess the best course of action for removing your tree. Our experienced team of tree professionals is knowledgeable in the safest and most efficient methods for removing trees, whether it be through traditional felling or crane removal. Once we have determined the best way to safely remove it, we will quickly bring it down and remove it from your property. We also offer stump grinding services to ensure that your property is left clean and free of any hazardous debris. Don't wait until it's too late.

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When Is Tree Removal Appropriate?

When it's time for tree removal in Loveland, Fort Collins, & Northern CO, Rocky Mountain Tree Service is here to help. We understand that sometimes a tree is beyond saving, or it could be a hazard to your property. That's why we offer fast and safe tree removal services so you can get the job done right. Our team is highly experienced in various types of tree removal jobs, so you can trust us for all your tree service needs in Loveland and the surrounding areas. Call us today at 970-635-9040 for more information about our tree removal services near you.

  • The tree is dead, dying, or diseased

  • The tree has fallen due to wind, storms, or other forces of nature

  • Construction or landscaping requires its removal

Examples include trees that can no longer support the weight of their branches due to decay, as well as trees that have grown too close to power lines and property. Call Us Today


Tree Removal Service

We Work Quickly And Safely

Every tree removal job is different and requires forethought for safety. Our tree removal service takes every variable into consideration, to ensure we’re keeping you, your property, and everything around us safe. We’re proud of our reputation as safe, efficient tree removal experts in Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor and Longmont, CO, with a track record of excellence to show for it.

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Here are the steps we follow when removing trees:

  • Conduct a thorough site assessment: Our team inspects the area and identifies potential hazards like power lines, buildings, and other structures. We ensure that there is enough space for the tree to fall without causing damage to anything else.

  • Use the right safety gear: Our crew members wear personal protective equipment (PPE) that includes helmets, chaps, gloves, and eye protection to protect them from injuries.

  • Choose the right tools: We use the latest equipment that is well-maintained and kept in excellent working condition. This eliminates the risk of equipment failure, leading to accidents.

  • Plan the tree's direction of fall: Before starting the tree removal process, we assess the tree's lean, shape, and size to determine the safest direction for it to fall. The surrounding environment, such as landscaping, nearby buildings, power lines, traffic, and pedestrian areas, is also taken into account.

  • Establish a clear work area: Before beginning the tree removal process, we clear the work area of any people, equipment, or debris, ensuring that nothing comes in the way of our team's work.

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24-Hour Tree Removal

If you have an urgent tree removal situation, we're here to provide the assistance you need. Our team of experienced tree specialists is available 24 hours a day to assess the situation and quickly and safely remove trees before they cause disruption or fall. We commonly provide emergency services after a severe storm, but we can also help whenever you require tree removal, tree stump removal, or fallen tree removal. No matter what your tree removal needs are, let us handle it quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to your day.

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