Stump Removal: Why It’s Not a DIY Job

Do you have an unsightly stump that you need removed from your property in Loveland, CO? While it may seem like a simple task to remove it on your own, stump removal is not a DIY job—it requires the skill, the knowledge and the right equipment to do it correctly. Read on to learn why you need the help of a professional tree removal service to remove tree stumps safely and smoothly.

It requires specialty equipment

It’s tough to remove a tree stump without a stump grinder. While this heavy-duty piece of machinery is readily available for rent, it’s a huge hassle to transport it to your property, and it also requires specialized knowledge to operate it correctly. It’s not something you can learn from an instruction manual—it takes years of hands-on experience. Professional tree removal service companies have access to this specialized equipment and know how to use it effectively. It’s often more cost-effective to rely on the professionals than to go through the trouble and expense of renting a stump grinder on your own.

It’s a dangerous job

Stump removal is not a DIY job because it’s a potentially dangerous task. If you jump right in and start digging and cutting around a stump at your Loveland, CO property, you can unknowingly put yourself and your property at risk. Removing a stump is a much more delicate job than it may seem, involving precise cuts and very careful use of cutting equipment. There may be utility or plumbing lines nearby, and you need to do everything you can to avoid them. A professional tree service company will conduct a thorough hazard assessment before doing any work on your property, making it a much safer process for everyone involved.

There’s more to a stump than what you see on the surface

When it comes to tree stumps, what you see isn’t exactly what you get. There’s an entire root system below the ground, and they can reach much farther than you might imagine. In some cases, roots can even extend into the path of electrical wires or plumbing lines. Rely on the expertise of a reputable tree removal service to detangle all underground roots without threatening the utilities at your home or, even worse, at your neighbor’s.

Professionals expedite the process

Not only do expert stump removal technicians make quick work of removing the stump itself, but they also get rid of all associated debris—and there’s always a lot. Take it easy on yourself and hire the professionals to ensure your yard is completely free from debris after the stump is removed. You’ll save time, energy and a lot of hassle, and the job can be done in a matter of hours.

No matter how handy you are, stump removal is not a DIY job. Restore beauty and safety to your Loveland, CO property by getting all stumps removed the right way the first time. Contact Rocky Mountain Tree Service to get all the unsightly stumps on your property removed safely and efficiently.