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What You Should Know About Stump Removal vs. Stump Grinding

A homeowner is left with a stump after a tree is cut down from their yard. But that stump can’t just sit there until the end of time—it must be removed entirely or ground down into fine sawdust or mulch. As long as the stump is eradicated, the choice between stump removal vs. grinding is […]

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What Happens to the Roots When a Tree Is Cut Down?

Oftentimes, the best course of action for a tree that’s become a safety hazard to your family and property is to simply cut it down. However, cutting down a tree still leaves its stump and roots behind. Read on to learn about what happens to tree roots when a tree is cut down in Loveland, […]

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Stump Removal: Why It’s Not a DIY Job

Do you have an unsightly stump that you need removed from your property in Loveland, CO? While it may seem like a simple task to remove it on your own, stump removal is not a DIY job—it requires the skill, the knowledge and the right equipment to do it correctly. Read on to learn why […]

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