How to Pick a Tree Service

Trees play an important role in a landscape, offering much more than aesthetic beauty but also shade and protection from the elements. Whether your trees need a simple trim or full removal, finding a reputable tree service provider can be challenging. So how do you pick a tree service to care for your landscaping?

Follow the tips in this brief guide to tree service selection to ensure you make the right choice.

Look for insurance

When it comes to tree service selection, insurance is the most important thing to look for in a service provider. Anyone performing work on your property should hold appropriate liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.

These insurance policies are there to protect you—without them, you’d be liable for any accidents that occur as the tree service is working at your property. It’s wise to request copies of certificates of insurance directly from the tree service’s insurance agency to make sure the policies are valid.


You can tell a lot about the quality of a tree care company by their reputation in your local community. Do some online research on tree service providers in your area, and read online reviews from previous customers. If you need some extra assurance, feel free to reach out to companies and ask for references. Doing your research may take time, but it’s always worth it—especially if you’re planning some expensive projects like tree removal.


Reputable tree service providers should be happy to give you an up-front estimate on the work that needs to be performed on your property. While everyone likes a bargain, a quote that’s too cheap could signal a lack of experience or a lack of proper insurance and certification. On the other hand, don’t hesitate to walk away from a quote that’s too high.

How will you know if prices are too low or too high? Get multiple estimates. As a general rule, reaching out to several different companies for estimates will give you a sense of what price is normal for the task at hand.

Avoid door-to-door salespeople

Door-to-door sales tactics are common in the tree service industry. While it may sound cheaper and more convenient to hire a contractor on the spot, it often leads to poor results—especially for large projects like tree removal. Instead of getting caught in a scam, choose a local, established business to work on the trees at your property.

Don’t panic after a storm or disaster

Picking up the pieces from a severe storm? While natural disasters tend to bring con artists out of the woodwork, a door-to-door contractor may be your only choice if you need to remove fallen trees from your property. Even in unexpected situations like these, make sure you’re being charged a reasonable price for the service.

Learning how to pick a tree service isn’t difficult—it just takes some time and research. If you’re looking for a tree care company with a long history of successful service, contact Rocky Mountain Tree Service today. We’ll protect and preserve your trees and landscaping as a whole, promising a thorough, professional job with every service.