Why You Shouldn’t Leave a Tree Stump in the Ground

While trees are significant in increasing a property’s aesthetics, providing shade, increasing property value, and protecting structures from strong winds, the tree stump of a dead or cut tree can be a nuisance. That said, homeowners should get rid of tree stumps to avoid their negative impacts. The following are reasons why you shouldn’t leave a tree stump in the ground. 

1. It’s a Safety Hazard

The best answer to "why should I get rid of a tree stump?" is to increase safety in a home. A tree stump left in the ground is a safety hazard that people or pets can trip over or bump into, causing injuries to members of your family. A stump left in the ground can also be a liability that will cost you a lawsuit, particularly if it leads to the injury of a neighbor, passerby, or visitor. Removing a tree stump in your home will significantly improve safety.

2. It Reduces Property Value

A tree stump reduces the value of a property because it makes a yard appear unkempt. The stump will rot and look ugly in your home. Removing a tree stump left in the ground will increase the appearance of your property and increase its value. A beautiful yard with no stump is also likely to attract multiple buyers.

A tree stump can also reduce the value of your property by inflicting property damage. The damage could result from spreading roots that can cause harm to foundations and walls. Removing a tree stump will help retain the value of your property by eliminating any potential damaging agents.

3. It Attracts Pests and Insects

A tree stump will rot when left in the ground, making it suitable for pests and insects to infest for food and shelter. Different species of pests and insects will inhabit the rotten stump and later spread to other parts of your home, including your trees, yard, and even the interior of your home if they are not eliminated. Pests and insects can not only damage your property and items but also lead to infections like allergies and asthma in your family. Removing a tree stump in the ground will protect your home from infestation and keep your family safe and healthy.

4. It Continues Growing

The last reason why you shouldn’t leave a tree stump in the ground and why you should get rid of it is because it will continue to grow. A tree stump will grow new shoots which are difficult and expensive to remove. A tree stump growing new shoots will compete for moisture and nutrients with other wanted plants in your yard and prevent your garden from flourishing. Moreover, removing a growing stump is more challenging and costly than a stump without any growing sprouts.

While a tree stump may seem irrelevant, it can cause adverse effects if left unchecked. Contact tree removal experts if you need to get rid of a stump in your property or have any related questions.