Tree Care Tips for the Summer

The summer season is soon approaching, and it’s a great time to get outdoors. One part of yard maintenance that gets overlooked is tree care. So you may be asking yourself, are there tips for taking care of trees in the summer? Read on to figure out how to take care of your trees in the summer.

How Can I Care for My Trees This Summer?

1. Deep Water Your Trees

There’s more to watering your tree than meets the eye. You’ll need to water trees to keep them healthy, especially in the hot summer months. Deep watering allows water to reach deep into the soil and reach the entire root system. Keep an eye on the ground surrounding the tree. It should be damp and not soggy.

2. Check the Mulch

Mulch helps the tree retain moisture. You should constantly replenish any mulch around the tree. Cover the soil with at least 3-5 inches of mulch if your trees are bare. Mulch is essential to help control the soil’s temperature to keep the tree roots hydrated. 

3. Prune Trees for Growth

You’ll want to remove any dead or damaged branches to allow optimal growth. You’ll keep people walking under the tree safe, and it also helps keep the tree healthy. There are also many storms in the summer, creating more risk for the limbs and branches to fall.

4. Look for Infestations

Healthy-looking trees can still have a pest infestation. Often, it’s too late to save a tree when an infestation is found. Things to look out for include leaky tree sap, dead or dying bark, and boreholes. Dead branches usually indicate an infestation, and you can prevent it from spreading to other trees if you catch it early. 

5. Avoid Soil Compaction

Soil compaction happens typically during the summertime. When soil compaction happens, leaves will get smaller or turn yellow. Also, you’ll notice that your trees won’t produce as much shade. Less traffic near trees leaves less room for oxygen and water to filter through the trees. Trees that cannot access water or oxygen begin to show signs of stress. Soil compaction occurs from flooding, lack of drainage, or driving over the tree’s base.

Larger trees will need to be pruned by a professional arborist. You should always contact a professional if you are unsure how to care for your trees in the summer. With the tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to keep your trees in good condition for the summer.