How To Protect Your Trees From the Dangers of Summer Heat

We often forget about trees when the heat of summer comes around. We water our plants and gardens, but our trees often get forgotten and left to fend for themselves. There are some things that you can do to spot heat stress and truly take the time to figure out how to protect your trees.

How Do You Help a Tree in Extreme Heat?

The first thing that you need to do is figure out what heat stress looks like in a tree. You can look for things like wilting leaves, over dry bark, and even overly exposed roots. You may also notice things like dying branches and diseased leaves that are wilting and falling off.

Being able to note these signs is the best way to start the process of making sure your trees are going to make it through the summer. You should watch for these signs and then determine the best course of action to take care of them and get your tree back into a healthier state.

Notice any changes that might be happening with your trees. If you notice that they are dying, that they are perking up when you give them more water, or if there are any huge changes, your tree may be experiencing heat stress.

How Do You Protect a Tree From Heat Stress?

The first step to protecting your trees is to notice the signs of heat stress and determine your best options. Watering your trees is a great first step. Even older trees that are more established need to be watered during the very hot weather. You can always check the forecast for extreme heat, then figure out a watering schedule method for your trees.

Another way to protect your trees is to remove any dead, broken, or diseased branches or leaves that might be taking nutrients away from the tree. Taking care of these branches can help the tree focus on the healthy areas of the tree so that it can flourish.

You should also take the time to ensure that you are looking at the ground beneath the tree. If you notice that there are exposed roots, if the tree is very close to a sidewalk or a driveway, or if the ground just looks less than healthy, it might be time to consider how to clean up and maintain the area beneath the tree.