Hidden Dangers Of DIY Tree Removal

Can you remove your own trees in Loveland, CO? Possibly. For some, this may be a DIY task they are willing to tackle. However, there are a few things you should know. The truth is, there are hidden dangers that come with DIY tree removal. Before you try to cut, saw or uproot any tree from your property, consider the following potential hazards.

Lack Of Expertise

Removing a tree is more complex than you might think. After all, it’s as simple as sawing a log, right? Actually, no. It’s far more complicated than that. In fact, professionals must be licensed and certified to provide tree removal services. These experts are trained in how to determine which way a tree may fall and make sure it falls in the desired direction when it is cut down. They also know which branches should be removed before removing the rest of the tree.

Without this training, DIY tree removal in Loveland, CO can be disastrous. You may end up with a large tree on your neighbor’s fence, or broken windows and tree branches in your living room. To avoid these scenarios, it’s best to partner with a local tree service for tree removal.

Personal Injury

If you don’t have experience operating a chainsaw, using one for DIY tree removal can be dangerous. Chainsaws often deliver “kickback, meaning they bounce back toward the user. These machines are also heavy and can be hard to handle. One slip with a chainsaw while trying to remove your tree can prove disastrous.

Falls are another risk when performing DIY tree removal in Loveland, CO. Professionals use safety harnesses and other safety equipment to protect themselves during these tasks. They have bucket trucks and other machinery to assist them with the job. Without the proper tools, you are more likely to suffer a fall while attempting DIY tree removal.

Another potential hazard is electrocution. If your tree is anywhere near power lines, it can be difficult to safely trim or remove the tree without coming into contact with these wires. You may risk electrocution, shock or damage to the wires.

Lawn Damage

You might be surprised at the weight of even the smaller branches of your tree. If you saw off one of these branches, it can do serious damage to the lawn below. You may end up with large gouges in your (or your neighbor’s) yard. Professionals, however, have the experience and equipment to carefully remove branches and avoid property damage.

Avoid The Dangers

Why risk it? You can easily avoid the dangers of DIY tree removal in Loveland, CO by trusting the task to trained and experienced professionals. If you need to remove a tree, contact the experts at Rocky Mountain Tree Service. Established in 1996, we specialize in a variety of services, including tree trimming, tree removal, bush trimming and removal, stump grinding, yard work and storm damage cleanup. Let us take this task off your plate. Reach our certified arborists today at 970-635-9040 to schedule an appointment.