Can Overgrown Trees Cause a Safety Issue?

If you have a few overgrown trees in your yard, you might be courting danger without realizing it. Overgrown trees pose plenty of hazards to your family and your property. Plus, failing to regularly trim your trees makes them more susceptible to damage, disease and other problems. Here are some of the most common dangers from untrimmed trees in Loveland, CO.

Trees falling in high winds

Colorado gets more than its fair share of storms, which can cause overgrown trees to topple in high winds. When a tree has a particularly dense canopy, it’s more likely to get picked up by the wind. The wind “catches” the thick canopy at the top of the tree, uproots it and sends it falling to the ground.

Each year, trees cause over a billion dollars’ worth of property damage. If one of your overgrown trees hits your vehicles, home or other structures, you’ll be left to pick up those very expensive pieces. Unfortunately, sometimes these accidents have a human cost, too.

Tree Over Tiles

Low-hanging branches

It’s easy to collide with low-hanging branches, especially in inclement weather. You might run into them with your car, or they may slam into your property during a storm. When your trees extend over into a neighbor’s yard, the potential for property damage is even greater.

Falling branches

When you have an untrimmed tree, it’s a lot harder to spot issues with branches. Thick leaves in the canopy can hide dead branches or ones that are barely hanging on by a thread. The heavier an untrimmed branch is, the more likely it is to fall without warning. Not only can this cause considerable property damage, but people have been killed by falling branches. It’s much easier to spot and remove these dangers if you regularly trim your trees.

A haven for critters—and humans

If you’ve had issues with pests, like rats, possums, snakes, raccoons, squirrels, insects and other critters, you need to stay on top of your tree maintenance. That thick canopy can provide a safe haven for animals and insects. Trimming your tree makes it harder for animals to hide. The more vulnerable they feel, the less likely they’ll be to decide your yard is their new territory.

Thick, untrimmed trees are a place for unwanted humans to hide, too. Burglars have been known to hide in trees, and use them to gain access to your home when you leave. Why not mitigate that risk by having your trees trimmed?

As you can see, there are plenty of dangers involving overgrown trees in Loveland, CO. Keeping your trees properly pruned back isn’t just to keep them healthy and looking great—it can also prevent a lot of costly and potentially devastating property damage. Why not hire a tree trimming service once or twice per year and save yourself the worry?

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