Why Tree Trimming Should Be Left to the Professionals

Tree trimming comes with a lot of risks in Loveland, CO, which is why it’s smart to leave it to the professionals. When you combine ladders, chainsaws or pruning shears, falling branches and tall trees, there’s a lot of potential for injury. Instead of climbing up on a ladder to trim your own tree, why not save yourself some time, energy and risk by calling a tree service to do the job?

Common tree trimming mistakes

Here are the top reasons why tree trimming should be left to the professionals:

  • Spreading Disease: Trees can suffer from disease, just like humans and animals. It’s important that you use clean, sterilized tools when you’re trimming your trees. Otherwise, you can spread disease from tree to tree. Each cut is an open “wound” that is susceptible to bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. If you’re using the same dirty tools for each pruning job, you might end up with a yard full of dead trees instead.
  • Using Dull Tools: If you use dull tools, the tree wounds will be jagged. This makes it harder for the tree to heal itself, and makes it far more likely that disease or pests will invade your tree while it’s vulnerable.
  • Improper Trimming: A lot of homeowners make the mistake of only trimming the lowest branches. This leaves a high, dense canopy that can be dangerous during storms. It also leaves plenty of hiding places for critters and pests.

Why you should let the pros handle your trees

The biggest reason you should let the pros take care of your trees is for your own safety. Professional tree trimmers not only know how to trim a tree properly, but they’re also trained in spotting and avoiding hazards. While a rotting or dead branch might look perfectly normal to you, professionals will know what to look for—and avoid stepping on that branch. They’re also much better equipped to use ladders and the tools of the trade, since this is their everyday job.

Cutting Tree Branch

DIY tree trimming can also result in property damage. Trees need to be pruned a specific way to ensure they’re healthy and well balanced, free of dead or diseased branches. If you trim your tree improperly, there’s a much higher likelihood that branches will fall and damage your property during the next big storm. Worse, the entire tree might topple over.

Instead of risking their own health and safety—and significant property damage—most homeowners find that hiring a tree service once or twice per year is well worth the cost. After all, trees take a long time to establish and grow. Why not set them up for success by maintaining them properly? Not only will your yard look better, but your entire lot will be safer the next time there’s a big storm.

If you want to avoid the risks of DIY tree trimming in Loveland, CO, reach out to Rocky Mountain Tree Service today. We have years of experience pruning trees—schedule your appointment now!