Tree Maintenance During the Fall

Before you know it, the fall months will be upon us. Fall is an important season when it comes to tree care, as you’ll need to properly prepare your plants for the winter months. This involves proper fertilization, adequate watering, branch trimming and much more. Improperly preparing your tree for the winter months could spell disaster.

Follow the steps below to prepare your tree for a cold winter:

  • Give your tree plenty of water: Providing your tree’s roots with enough water in the fall will help ensure it stays healthy through the winter months. The best way to do this is by focusing on the roots when watering your plant. Don’t bother watering the foliage, and avoid using a sprinkler. Schedule watering for the morning, as this will prevent evaporation from the midday sun. You should try and water your plants twice a day to the point where the soil is moist. You can do this by leaving your hose dribbling for around two hours at the roots.
  • Plan your planting: It’s best to only plant new trees during the fall months. Trees can struggle to grow during the summer and winter months due to extreme temperatures. Fall provides the perfect opportunity for new trees to lay their roots in preparation for the cooler temperatures of winter.
  • Properly fertilize the roots: Proper fertilization is an essential part of good fall tree maintenance. Fertilization helps replace nutrients, increase resistance to disease and much more. Applying fertilizer during the fall months will help ensure that your tree has all the nutrients it needs in the winter and summer. It’s best to apply a slow-release fertilizer, as this will help give your tree’s roots an adequate amount of nutrients.
  • Prepare for the cold: Cold temperatures can be detrimental for your tree, which is why it’s important to make proper preparations. One of the best ways to prepare your tree is by pruning it. Remove any broken or dying branches in the fall to promote healthy growth. Pruning your tree of its dead branches can also help protect your home from future damage.
  • Apply enough mulch: Mulching is another great way to prepare your tree for the winter, as it helps protect the roots from extreme temperatures. Apply a top-quality mulch away from the trunk. Make sure that the root flare zone stays visible.
  • Rake those leaves: While it can sometimes be an arduous task, don’t avoid raking leaves during the fall months. If left too long, dead leaves can contract diseases that will spread to your tree. Dead leaves provide an excellent breeding ground for tree-damaging fungi.

Fall tree care is an essential part of keeping your plants healthy. Follow the maintenance tips mentioned above, and your tree will be better prepared for those cold winter temperatures. If you need help with fall tree maintenance or have any other concerns, get in touch with the professionals at Rocky Mountain Tree Service today. We provide everything from tree trimming to tree removal services at fair prices.