Trimming vs. Cutting Down a Tree

Homeowners often struggle with tree trimming vs. cutting. Pruning should be considered a routine maintenance task with trees, but sometimes tree cutting is the best option.

Read on to find out the key differences between these approaches, and to learn what you should be taking into consideration before you make this decision.


Pruning or trimming a tree is a move that can solve many problems and potentially eliminate the need for tree cutting services. Homeowners typically choose pruning to improve how a tree looks, improve the tree’s health or improve the property’s safety.

One reason many homeowners do pruning is to improve the tree’s shape. It can also help with allowing the tree to stay healthy and thrive long into the future, as it helps with cell renewal and preventing disease. It’s best to wait until fall or winter to do pruning, as the tree’s growth rate will be slower at this time.

If a tree’s branches are damaged or cracked, then it’s a good idea to invest in tree pruning services. This is because the branches can break off and pose a safety hazard. In these cases, you may want to look at tree cutting.

Tree cutting

In making your decision about tree trimming vs. cutting, there are several indicators that tree cutting may be the better option. This involves removing branches, which is best done once the leaves have fallen off during the fall. Some reasons you might consider cutting over pruning include:

  • Saving the surrounding plants or the rest of the tree. There are some instances where a tree is causing problems to a surrounding garden, and branches need to be cut.
  • An older tree that has grown too much could pose danger. Huge limbs that don’t have enough support are liable to fall during inclement weather. It’s always better to completely remove these limbs to be on the safe side.
  • If the tree has contracted a disease that can’t be treated, then tree cutting may be your only option. Failure to remove the branch could lead to more widespread infection and necessitate tree removal.
  • In some cases, a tree may be creating too much shade. Obviously, providing shade is one of the primary functions of trees and often why homeowners plant on their property. But sometimes excess shade can generate problems for gardens. This might mean that you need to take measures to cut down some bushes and branches to restore natural light.

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